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1st Jan 2023

How deep should my mattress be?

Mattress depth is something that we get asked about very often. Customers often think a deep mattress is better. This is not always the case as a common way to “pump up” a mattress to make it appear deeper is to simply add a polyester pad. This can easily add a couple of inches to the depth but doesn’t necessarily make the mattress any better. You can also get a relatively shallow mattress but full of natural fillings that we would expect to be a better specification mattress. We do very few mattresses below 6”/15cm deep as this is very close to the depth of most spring units and leaves very little space to have any fillings or a proper comfort layer. At this sort of depth which is often required for bunk beds we would normally recommend foam but this does have potential heat retention issues. At the other end of the depth spectrum some companies are making mattresses over 12”/30cm or even deeper. This can cause problems for slightly shorter people getting into bed. The deepest mattress that we show currently is approx. 14”/35cm and most customers end up getting this on a lowered divan base to bring the total height to a more comfortable level. 

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